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Most humble woman I  have been around. Your craft reflects your beauty. Thank you for an amazing show!

-Money Bo

I can’t thank you enough for booking such awesome dancers for the Corrigan party. They were such a hit!!!

-Copaken Brooks

Elaina is very professional and diligent with all she does. She brings visions to life.

-Tamba Hali

I’ve worked with Elaina and her team various times over for the past 3 years. Very talented at what she does. She is one of the most resourceful people I’ve known and she’s awesome at getting people together and on the same page. Lastly she’s very creative and all of our collaborations so far have turned out great. Really looked forward to working with her more in the future

-Chuck Browne Productions

Talk about a professional, talented and beautiful person. Elaina is an amazing instructor who knows her craft. She makes sure you learn everything and if not she will easily modify it! I will definitely recommend anyone who wants to learn how to dance go to get. Or even that special surprise dance for your wedding. Thanks again for the amazing job!

-Damaris Hernandez